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Urban Brand Consulting

brand experts with more than 10 years’ experience in designing powerful brands.

Our core team is Michael Urban and Natalia Isayeva-Urban. They are passionate strategists with strong creative skills.

They collaborate with other brand experts in design, digital technologies, production and even full service advertising agencies to deliver the best branding solutions.

Their synergy of IQ & EQ gives birth to compelling strategies and highly emotional creative ideas.

Natalia Isayeva-Urban

Passionate creative strategist inspired by the very big idea to make this world better by designing responsible brands for responsible businesses.

Natalia makes an effort to create authentic relationships between customers and brands through compelling strategy and highly emotional creative solutions, rooted in deepest understanding of customers.

She loves to uncover unexpected deep-seated emotions and to look at things from a different perspective.

Michael Urban

is highly experienced brand strategist with a passion for developing and growing successful brands.

Michael brings over 15 years of experience in helping brands meet the challenge of rapid market changes.

He has designed new local brands with the power to succeed on the global market, he managed global giants, developed smart strategies for successful rebranding, has created compelling marketing campaigns and innovative brand experiences for global and local brands.

Michael brings together experience from across marketing, management, creative design and smart technologies taking a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex branding problems.

He successfully supported clients to realize their business potential and design sustainable brands based on true story with a fundamental mission.

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