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Trust-based approach

and what it gives to our Clients.

Internet and social networks make consumers much more informed not only about product quality, but also about internal company information and how much the company’s everyday practices meet the declared values. One negative experience and local scandal affect opinions on the other side of the planet.

“Based on true story”

Authenticity of the brand

Authenticity of the brand is the one of the most important part in the whole puzzle of successful brand with advanced loyalty. “Based on true story” brands have much more chances to build trustful relationships with customers.
At which conditions consumers can trust a brand? When brand is open, has a clear and strong position, following it in every aspect of brand’s activity. Consumers can trust, when they can influence, can shape brand experience, collaborate and share common responsibility. Consumers are strongly connected with brands they really trust, and are ready to forgive mistakes and even more, if companies are honest and do not hide important information.

Trust-based approach make it possible to

Grow sustainable brands and sustainable businesses.

Trust-based approach will help to set emotional connection, to unite for mission accomplishment, and optimize work and interaction process making it simpler to reach common goal.  Trust-based approach is effective in building successful and long-term partnership between Brand and customers, owners, managers and employees inside one company, between Urban Brand Consulting and our Clients.  Trust-based approach make possible to grow sustainable brands and sustainable businesses.

Be ready for highly collaborative work

Be ready for responsibility and doing the good to the world.

So, as our Client, be ready for highly collaborative work.
Be ready to show us all the back side of your brand. Be ready to become closer with your customers, their deep-seated emotions, desires and worries. Be ready for responsibility and doing the good to the world. May be this will be a small part of the world like local community. It doesn’t matter.
What is important, you must be honest in your aspiration and do the best together with Urban Brand Consulting and your customers!

Trust-based approach tenets:


Be true

Be true

base on true story, do not overpromise, or mystify


Be open

Be open

share everything that is important, especially your experience


Be honest

Be honest,

even if you’ve made a mistake ;)


Follow your principles

Be principled

Follow your principles and values




respect teamwork and collaborate


Be optimistic ;)

Be optimistic

always be optimistic. It works


Be responsible

Be responsible,

change the world to the good !

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